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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spot-light on Tamil

Google current is a one minute program to see what the world is searching for. On a show that was aired on 12-May-2006, Conor Knighton discusses about the most searched term "Tamil".

If you are not able to see here try here.
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Friday, May 26, 2006

Screen to reality!

How many times have we wished for something shown in a movie like Star Trek, Harry Potter which comes to the rescue when the lead of the movie is in a situation?
I remember reading in Hindu about a real time project on Transporter. Wondering what a Transporter is? Well its the machine used in Star Trek to transform a person from one place to another in split seconds. I felt amazed to read that such things are coming to real life. Scientist say it is posible to transport a person or object from one place to another by converting (dematerialization) them into a energy pattern, beam them to the target and reconvert(materialization) back to matter. This method is called teleportation. It is told that with the current technology advancement it is conceivable for elementary particles which does not have any sub structure. There is an allegation of teleportation, dating way back on October 24, 1593. Where a person called Gil Perez was supposedly teleported from Manila, Philippines to Plaza Mayor, Mexico City.

The latest news which attracted me to this subject is this. According to this article three scientist have told that they have developed a blue print of an "Invisible Cloak or Fabric" just as shown in Harry Potter. It is reported that their blue print is to make physical objects appear as though they have disappeared when they are covered with the fabric. The primary component to make the invisible fabric is an artificial composite called metamaterials.

Smith, along with Duke's Pratt School doctorial candidate David Schurig, and Imperial College London's John Pendry, presented the theoretical papers, on Thursday. It appeared in Science Express, an online science journal. The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) supported the work.

"The ability to hide or conceal things electromagnetically is a method used to design electromagnetic structures," Smith said. "We've been working on the project for about one year, and would have only been considered practical recently. It's been made possible by metamaterials because it can literally transform space, which is difficult to do with conventional material."

In theory, electromagnetic waves would flow around the object covered by the metamaterials similar to water in a river flowing around a smooth rock. The material would act as though a hole opened in space, and light or other electromagnetic waves were swept around the physical object to emerge on the other side as if materials had passed through empty space, Smith said.

News Courtesy: InformationWeek


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dirk Nowitzki dethrone's the Spurs

Looks like the Dallas Mavericks out played the San Antonio Spurs yesterday in the final match of the semi finals of western conference. Though I did not get a chance to see the match, from what ever I heard from people talking and reading news from different sites, it seems like the match was very interesting. The scores were tied at the end of the game and game went on to the over time and winner was Dallas Mavericks. San Antonio lost to Dallas after the over time 119-111 inspite of Tim Duncan's playoff career-high 41 points, 15 rebounds and 6 asists. Nowitzki steered the Mavericks to the western conference finals against Phoenix Suns by scoring 37 points and 15 rebounds.

Pic Courtesy : NBA.Com


Monday, May 22, 2006

Cricket or Baseball?

I have come across this discussion many times "Cricket is a better game than Baseball", "Baseball is a better game than Cricket". I have always found that the first statement is backed by Indians and the second statement is backed by the Americans. Is there any way to find which game is more interesting than the other?
I personally find both the games interesting in their own way. Many Indians argue that baseball is just mere showcasing of power. The pitcher needs power and the batter also needs power to hit a homerun. Whereas Cricket needs a lot of skill.
If you ask an American to comment about Cricket he would say that Cricket is such a boring game and it takes a lot of time.
Well I won't rule out Baseball by saying that it does not require any skill, the pitcher does a lot of things when he pitches a ball. The pitcher can curve the ball, throw a speed ball, a slow ball and also the game has a lot of strategy going around.
Be what may, but the following video surely showcases the variety in pace bowling in Cricket. I never get bored watching this video regardless of the number of times I watch this video. Irfan Pathan displays his World class bowling to strike a Hat trick in the first over of the test match against Pakistan. Enjoy the video.

If you are not able to watch the video, then try here.

P.S - Ignore the note displayed in the starting, It's just a foolish message to steal the credits of the bowler. Shows the un-sportsmanship of the person who created the clip.


Pistons fire all cylinders

Detroit pistons are through to the Eastern conference finals to meet Miami Heat. The Pistons came back firing in the 7th game. They have really done their homework in defence. They completely blocked Lebron James. James was restricted to only 6 points in the second half while he had a whopping 21 points in the first half. Once James was stopped, the Cavaliers were restricted to 23 points in the second half tieing the record of fewest points in the second half. While for the Pistons Tayshaun Prince led Detroit with 20 points. The Pistons confirmed their seat in the conference finals with a final score of 79-61. Detroit guard Chauncey Billups said after the win 'If it ain't rough, it ain't right.'

Pic Courtesy: NY Times


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nail biting evening

I am big fan of San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons of NBA. Today both the teams were in a critical stage in the playoffs. Both Dallas Mavericks and Cleveland Cavaliers were leading San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons 3-2 respectively in the series. So it became a do or go home for both my teams. And as if this was not enough, Da Vinci Code the movie was released World wide today. I was waiting for this movie ever since I came to know that Tom Hanks is acting in that. So three things that had to do today.
In the evening I called up my friend to ask if ESPN comes in his house as it does not come in my house and both the matches were on that channel. He was not sure, so I called up another friend to check I can watch there but no luck there also. Meanwhile on three sides three different set of people were calling me for Da Vinci Code movie. After a lot of confusions I decided to go to a pub to watch the matches.
Gators, was the pub to see Detroit Pistons Vs Cleveland Cavaliers. I went to the pub during the 2nd half so that I thought I can extend to watch the second match also. I had 10 Buffalo wings to much and watch the match with lots of tension as the Cavaliers were unstoppable. Especially Lebron James, he goes like a lighting dunks and comes back. No one in Pistons could even go near him for defense. Later in the 4th Quarter Rashid Wallace came to form. This was one of the times when you can see him so serious, else he was always a man who fools around sitting in the bench. He made an amazing Hook + Fade away kinda shot which was amazing. Billups started potting some gud three pointers. With some excellent offensive rebounding, Detroit Pistons managed to win the game 84-82. Even the last second was so much action packed that the game might have gone into the extra time.
As soon as this match finishes the second match between San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks start. I go to another pub as I was litterally pushed out from there. I entered Cubby Bear and the match was in the 2nd quarter. Again ordered some Buffalo wings and started watching the match. At half time Dallas was leading by 6 points and Tim Duncan already had 3 personal fouls. Again in this game also the Spurs were not able to take defense of the Dallas offense. 3rd quarter Duncan played some interesting shots and brought the Spurs to a lead which did not last for long. Later the score was going neck to neck until there was 5 mins remaining in the game and Spurs took control of the game and went on till the end to finish it 91-86.
After the two wins I was briming with happiness so went back home to write about this and enjoy the moments.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lens care solution sans care for eyes

Beware of the lens cleansing solution Renu of Bausch & Lomb. Bausch & Lomb has recalled its Renu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution from the market all around the globe. It is said that the solution increases the risk of acquiring a potential eye blinding infection.

The infections involve the Fusarium fungus, which is frequently found in drains and sinks, particularly in tropical regions. Bausch & Lomb said it appeared that common, if frowned-upon, lens care practices - like topping off solution in the storage case instead of replacing it - could leave a film on lenses that shielded Fusarium from the sterilizing agent in MoistureLoc.

Bausch CFO Ronald Zarrella said in a statement on Monday
Some aspect of the MoistureLoc formula may be increasing the relative risk of Fusarium infection in unusual circumstances

Company officials initially thought the infection may have been linked to a potential contamination at its plant in Greenville, South Carolina. After an extensive investigation, it was found that there is no evidence of product contamination, tampering, counterfeiting or sterility failure.

For more details check the reports from ET or Intl. Herald Tribune.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Which music is more creative?Indian or Western?

Are Western music more creative than Indian music? I suddenly got this question when I was listening to 9 FM. From whatever little knowledge that I have in music, I infer that any song that is made in India, be it filmi song or songs in a album its all based on some raaga from Carnatic music or Hindustani. So all these raaga's act a template which can be used to make a song. Most of the songs are a mix and match of one or more raaga to blend into the environment or situation of the song if it was a filmi song. I find most of the similar situation songs using the same raaga. Just that the tempo of the song will be different.
Whereas in Western music as far as I know there are no specific tunes which they adapt. So what ever song that is created is a true creative song that was created by the artist. Does that mean Indian music is not as creative as western music?


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rising sun rises to power in TN, India

Time for another government change in Tamilnadu, India. It is always noted that the ruling party never comes back to power in Tamilnadu, except for the times of M.G.Ramachandran (M.G.R).
DMK chief M.Karunanidhi takes the Chief Minister's seat for the fifth time at an age of 82 years. I guess this is the reason for the roaring victory of DMK alliance in this times election.
But I have always wondered one thing, what if both AIADMK and DMK fool the people by appearing as fighting to the outside world and be friends behind the scene? Someone who has a similar thought has envisioned and created a funny video. Check below. (Your browser needs to support Shockwave-Flash to play this video)

If your unable to see the video here, try here.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crazy stuffs

Just wondering how crazy this guy should be to do something like this. I have heard about this long time ago, it happened in Germany. But I was never sure if that had happened really or not.
Today I was browsing through the news around the World, I happened to see this article and was quite amazed to see that what ever I heard was not a hoax.
The worst part is, this guy is just given a life time imprisonment.
I am sure that I am driving you crazy by not telling you what I am talking about (but after all this post is about crazy stuff, so why not driving you crazy :) ). I was refering to this all this while.
Another crazy thing that I witnessed live on TV yesterday was this. But David Blaine was not able to complete this stunt successfully, he was short by 2 mins. I have seen all his endurance stunts. He should be really crazy to attempt all this death defying stunts. But I personally feel this guy does the best street magic. All his magic performances are unbelievable. Yesterday they showed a stunt where he removes two teeth of a woman and later puts it back how ever it was earlier. Could'nt beleive what I was seeing.

What is driving this guy to attempt all this? Is it just fame?


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Does gender really matter??

This is something that I have noticed ever since I was a kid. I always find that people have soft corner for girls. When a girl tries to do something there will be 100 guys to help them out when a guy is strugling there without any help. I have seen this happen in college during my lab hours, all those lab assitants and profs help the girl students so patiently when we guys go and ask for something all we get is a bark from them.
Even in work I am seeing that the managers have soft corner for my fellow girl colleagues. I have come across managers who say let the girl go home, you can sit for extra time and finish that.
Why? why? why? Why are we being disciminated? the worst thing is that guys are being descriminated by guys themselves. The ladies are just fighting for equality, but is not equality. I feel another bharathiyar has to come to sing about the rights of men.

This thought came to me after I read this. If humans could change sex like those fish's then guys can transform into a gal whenever they are in need of help. :)

Disclaimer: All the above points are my own views, not intended at hurting anyone from any gender.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hard facts on soft drinks

It is really shocking to see such things happening in a branded product. Why are'nt they ready to give a clean product when we are paying them so much? I have read earlier that it takes only about 80 paise to manufacture a drink which is sold at Rs.10/- Can't some stern action be taken on these people?


Do Indians luv love??

Why are Indian movies so obcessed with Love? Every movie that gets released is based on love or even if the movie does not demand love they some how include love in to the movie and spoil the movie. There are so many subjects that can be taken as a movie. I saw a movie called '12 Angry Men', It was a fabulous movie which was taken in one single room. The screen play is terrific that it keeps you seated for the whole length of the movie with out getting bored.
I am atleast a bit happy that now a days there are a few movies which has different subject other than love. Personally i like the way how Manirathnam deals with love on the screen. He sees to that love does not interfere much with the story. Black is another movie which was taken really well with some brilliant performances by the Big B and Rani Mukurjee.

Just wondering who should be blamed for such a prevailing trend? Is it because of the film makers who want to use the proven formula? Or is it because people dont like new subjects?