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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Time pass - 2

Why do women have more fashionable clothes than what men have? You go to any store, women have more things to buy when compared to what men have. Its mostly in one corner, mostly the back corner, that men's stuff will be kept for display. Is it because women are the big shoppers and that's why the stores have more goods for them or is it because there are more women goods and that's why there are more women shoppers?
Even in the case of fashion, women have more fashionable dresses than what men have. Women have so much variety in their dress. But men have just trousers, shirts and T-Shirts. Also the colors used for the women's dresses are more vivid colored than men. Men are stuck with Black, Blue, White, Grey and Green mostly (I am not counting fans of Govinda, Ramarajan and Gabdain in this list).


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Simple Tag

In all my blogging days this is the simplest tag that I have come across. Thanks to ArtNavy and Krithika for giving me a simple tag.
Here is what I am supposed to do...
1. Grab the closest book.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence. (I didnt follow this, because it didnt make any sense when I start from here)
3. Post the text of next 3 sentences on the blog. (I have typed 5 sentences, so that you can try the following at your office and have fun)
4. Put in also the name of the book and its author.
5. Tag three people

Lets say a co-worker is desperately trying to concentrate on a vital project that is on deadline - the kind where any distraction is a horrible inconvenience. Call a person in the cubicle adjacent to you victim and ask inane questions, like, "In your budget projections, are you assuming a hundred cents to the dollar?" Insist that you have a bad connection and ask the person to speak louder and louder. Not only will the person to whom you;re talking get louder, but he wil be angry. Plus he will be saying completely non-sensical things like, "TWO PEOPLE WITH SMALL HEADS ARE NOT THE SAME AS ONE HEADCOUNT!!!"
This will make your victim insanely angry, but not at you You'll be safe and snug in your cubicle yards away.

Book Name: Joy of work Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the expense of your co-workers
Author: Scott Adams

I would like to tag Arun, Harish, Jeevan.

Whoa! Three down, one to go...


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dream Tag

Welcome back to yet another tag that I have in my sack. I have been tagged by Ponnarasi to write about some dream that I have had. Actually speaking, I seldom get any dream, and even if I do, I very rarely remember them. But I have remembered seeing a dream sometime during my childhood until now, guess I had this dream when I was in the 6th standard.
When we were kids we used to play cricket partially inside the house and partially on the road. Its like we used to open up the gates and plant out stumps in the road. The bowler will be bowling from inside the house and the wicket keeper will keeping the wicket on the road.
At that time only I came to know that Wasim Akram was playing on the road when Imran Khan spotted him and took him in the Pakistani cricket team.
It was the time when Indian team was playing a match in Chennai. So my dream was like Azhar and few more people from the Indian team while going some where see me and my friends playing and they get impressed. So Azhar gets down from the car and calls my friends and me for the net practice.
So the next day my friends and I go for the nets practice and Azhar and Sandeep
patil get very impressed and puts us in the team to play the match next day. The next day during the game, my friend and I have a wonderful partnership and each of us score a century. While another friend of mine bowls very well and gets some 4 or 5 wickets. Our good play leads us to win the match against England. Once the game is over my friends and I are being lifted by the whole team and celebrates the victory and we become part of the team from then on and the dreams ends as we being part of the team and we are very successful and we become stars in India.
The only person to whom I have told about this dream is my sister. She just laughed out so loud that I was so ashamed to tell anyone else about this dream. Now I am telling the whole world about this after about almost 2 decades. Guess the impact is going to be the same this time too.
Now time to tag, The tag goes to.....Heidi Kris, Lera, SKM and Reborn.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Proposal meetings

Looking at the heading did you think that its about the proposal meetings for a project? Neah!!!!! C'mon, We ain't nuts to be discussing about that. Love is in the air, if not this time of the year, when else??This is about the meetings while proposing someones love to another person.
As per me proposing to a girl is one of the most difficult task to do. Its not as easy as it seems. Especially when you have been with the other person for a long time. The more the amount spent with the other person, the more difficult it becomes. Only in the movies, the hero and heroines fall in love in a jiffy. It takes only a song's time to fall in love. In real life even after trying for ages the other person wont even look at that person.
During my freshman year in college, one day I went to the library, you might ask what I was doing there, good question, I had to go there to collect my library card which I could use to borrow books from the library, which I never happened to use until I completed my course. While I was waiting in the line, the girl before me, all of a sudden just turned to see who joined in the queue behind her. It was like a lightning struck me, our eyes met and both of us could not take our eyes away from each other. Immediately song and all started playing inside my head. Suddenly a disturbing sound, "What is your roll number?" asked the librarian. It was like as if the electricity snapped off when you were watching some favourite song of yours.
The girl took her eyes from mine and turned towards the librarian. Wonder how the librarian could think of disconnecting the wi-fi connection between her and me. Once she got the library card she turned towards me looked at me and gave a smile. That's it, I went all the way till Pluto and bounced back (no wonder pluto got pushed out of our solar system) to the library to collect my library card.
Later with not much difficulty I found that she was in the EEE department. She was sitting next to a window. That's the day when my relationship with windows started, until now I am stuck with Windows. What, it started with a wooden window, now currently at windows XP. I used to go up and down to have another wi-fi connection but never managed to get one. My connection requests were always stopped by firewall set by her classmate.
Days just passed trying to ping, telnet, remoting, to make web service calls and to get acquainted but every attempt failed miserably. Finally after 3 years managed to get a intro to her and had a chance to talk to her, but it was all too late by then. She already got a proposal from the firewall guy in her class and she had accepted it. Sigh! this attempt fused off even before the system booted.
Suddenly I had an enlightment that before I graduate from college I have to propose at least once, to have a job winning resume. Then came the Feb 14th during my final year in college, the day when proposals fly left right and center. My friend and myself thought that if we leave this chance we wont ever get another one, without getting beaten up with high heel foot wears. So my friend and myself decided to propose for fun to the girls in the 2nd year (another non-beaten up strategy applied here) thinking it should be easier to propose to a junior. So I picked a girl who was the friend of the girl to whom my friend was going to propose, to do my mock proposal. All morning thinking how I to propose, I came up with the idea of a card. I made the card myself with the wordings "If you accept this card it automatically means you love me :)". After all you dont get anything without a condition in this materialistic World .I found this as a brilliant idea and wanted to patent it soon, as I wont have much problem in handing over the card and runaway without much talking to do. At the same time the girl will love me by taking the card.
It was around lunch time so my friends and myself were walking towards the hostel for lunch. Suddenly one guy comes running down the corridor shouting "KK she is coming!" (Yup! the whole hostel knew that I was going to do it). Now that it became a prestige issue, after all the talking that I did, I could not back out. I had to do it.
So I started walking towards her down the corridor and caught her with her friends in front of the placement office (whether they found jobs for us or not, they found out about this incident). I some how managed to get the guts to tell her "I need to talk to you.". After telling her this I went a couple of steps ahead and waited for her. While waiting I got scared what will I do if she accepts my proposal, because I was doing it for fun. While wondering about this she came near me. Keeping my fingers crossed I said "Can you take this card?"
When the whole world was quiet, seeing what I did, Suddenly there was huge roar from the opposite building first floor (U.S second floor). It was the CSE guys shouting "KK! KK! KK! KK!" like in some cricket match. Damn! Immediately a Niagara falls started from my face, Yes, I had a sweat rain more than what comes in Cherrapunji or Seattle. I felt awkward to take my handkerchief and wipe my face in front of her. So left it as it is. By then even she got scared and refused to take the card.
I wanted her to take the card some how, else it would become a big shame for me in front of all those guys around. So I told her "I am your senior, I am telling you to take, so you better take it.". She took the card with some hesitation. See politeness does not work, only power works in this World. Before anything adverse could happen I just fled from that place as fast as I can. Only after I reached hostel I realised that I became an instant hero, people whom I knew and didnt know came forward and congratulated me.
After this day, she was scared to come in front of me anywhere in the college. If I was in this end of the corridor she would run to the other end of the corridor. Once when my friend and I was in the canteen, she came in with her friends. She saw me and went out of the canteen with her friends. Having seen this, my friend and I waited inside the canteen to see how long she will wait outside. To our surprise she never entered. She went running into the canteen, as soon as we stepped out. Its so funny to think about it now. If at all there was one soul that was scared of me, it will be only she.

So do you have any interesting proposal encounters to share?

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines day!!!
For people like me who don't have a valentine, have an imaginary valentine and celebrate in style... after all its a complex World. Its got to have an imaginary part too :)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Help Needed...

A colleague of my friend is in need of help, any kind of help will be appreciated. It is for Mr.Narendra Muktipudi who is 31years old,married and having a one and half year old daughter, he had a major Brain Stem Stroke on August 28 2006 due to Hypertension. He has been on life support system for more than 3 months and at this time his insurance company has stopped covering his bills. His wife is fighting it out alone. For more details please check here.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pedagogy sans purpose

Well,I thought I will talk about the back bone of India for this post. Education. India is well known for the quality of education. We have one of the best standards of education in the World. This high standard in education has put India on the global map. Though it gives a lot of happiness to see India being accepted worldwide for it excellence in various fields such as Medicine, IT, Business, Rocket science and Nuclear energy, I feel the kind of education or the way of education we under go is not good enough.
If you see in the current education system, it does not matter how much you have understood and what you learnt. All that everyone needs is high marks. I feel its no point getting marks in 90's and 100 when someone did not understand the concepts underlying in something that was learnt.
Recently, I was talking to a person who had excelled in studies during his childhood.The topic went to Chemistry and I was telling him that I used to be scared of Chemistry as I found organic Chemistry very tough and more of a memory test, when compared to physical and inorganic Chemistry. He then told me that he too used to feel the same but everything changed when he went for tuition and his teacher taught him so well that he started to enjoy Chemistry so much. He literally fell in love with Chemistry ever since then.
Another instance was when I was talking to one of my friend. We were talking about Automobile engineering, and I was telling her something and asked her if she remembered that we studied this during our engineering. For which she said that she studied only in exam point of view. Of course she had scored more than me but purpose of learning was defeated when the concept was not learnt.
So it depends on how a subject is being thought. And I feel importance should be given to understanding the concepts than how much marks are scored. Is marks a good way to evaluate the knowledge that a person gained? Does high marks mean that the person has understood everything? But many times I have seen there are many mediocre students who have better knowledge than most of the high scoring students.
How many schools focus on improving an average student. The importance is given more to the brilliant students or the borderline students. The brilliant students are helped to do even better so that they gets some ranks which will rub on the educational institution too. Meanwhile the border line students are given more attention so that every one clears the exam and there by increasing the pass percentage of the educational institution. So what about the average students who have been scoring in 60's? If extra attention is given to them they would be scoring in 80's.
I am not a great believer of a belief that says that some children are more brilliant than another children. I believe that its all to do with the interest that the individual child has. If a child is interested in something, he/she will surely excel in it, if his/her parents and teachers encourage her/him in that line. As a child I used to score well in Physics than Chemistry because I was more interested in it.
I feel it is high time that our educational system is revived because it is no point increasing the number of doctors, engineers, architects, pharmacists or other professionals produced when the quality of professionals produced has been diminishing at a constant rate. Montessori method of schooling is a welcome change as it discourages the use of traditional ways of measuring achievements (grades, tests).