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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Why only 24 Hrs in a Day?

I was just thinking Who decided that there will only 24 hours in a day? Is there any reason on deciding this number? Why didnt they think of having 25 hours? or why not having any other number in that case? If we had more hours in a day it will give us so much time in a year!!
On the same lines why does a year have 365 days?? Why not 370 days? Does all this have some meaning??


Monday, April 24, 2006

Is Chennai really Bad?

During the weekend, I was talking to some of friends and the topic drifted towards Chennai. One of my friend from the northern part of India was complaining about Chennai. The conversation made me think and this post is about that.
I was just wondering why no one likes Chennai except for people who are basically from Chennai. I am proud to say that I am from that city. I Luv Chennai. But I have come across people from all over India but everyone complains about Chennai. First thing they complain is that about the Chennai Auto's and how they cheat people. Next thing is that no one talks in Hindi. These are mainly the cribs by people from other states.

If you consider the people from Tamilnadu who are not a Chennai-ites, They feel the people from Chennai are Show off's and peter's. So they have a kind of aversion towards the people from Chennai. Infact when I was in hostel at Coimbatore, The guys from Chennai were the ones who were raged the most.

All this summed together , I was made to think if Chennai is really a bad place to dwell? If any one has any answer, let me know.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is this a mere coincidence?

One strange thing that struck my mind today is how come many things are common across the globe. Like the girls name finishes in 'y', 'i' etc. For example In India we have names like Lakshmi etc and similarly I have seen American girls with names such as Amy. Other way of girls names are Anusha, Ramya, etc on similar lines Amanda, Samantha, etc. My Question is how come the girls name finish by sounding 'i', 'y', 'aa' around the World? Is this a mere coincidence or is there some rule that is being followed across the globe?

I find similar coincidence with how we say Mother and Father in different languages. Mother has 'm' sounding in it and father has a 'p' sounding in it. (Examples: English - Mother, Father / Tamil - Amma, Appa / Hindi - Ma, Papa / French - Mere, Pere...) Did all the languages in this world root from one single language?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Azhagai Irukirai Bayama Irukirathu (AIBI)

I heard the music of AIBI composd by Yuvan Shankar Raja today, though the music sounds different it makes you think of the music from movies such as Mask of Zorro, Mask, Manmadhan and the back ground music of Zimzen watches advertisement.

There is some good work of mandolin in the song Elayudhir Kaalam. The songs are very different and good to hear too. Kudos to YSR for the song Kanavae.

YSR has sung many songs in this movie. Slowly all the music directors are singing most of the songs on their own. May be soon Haris Jayaraj, Bharwaj and Vidyasagar will follow soon.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

The power of brain

Shot Take 1: Early morning in a village atmosphere, when the moon is still glowing
*The camera tuns from the sky towards a distant horizon with two palm trees in the foreground. With the horizon giving the sky a orange hue and the trees in black. Appadiye the starting music of "Chinna Chinna aasai" plays and the sun raises slowly.

How is the scene? I am sure all of you would have imagined the scene. The whole scene would have been screened in you mind as if your seeing it. That's the power of brain, you can bring anything to real, if you really wanted to.

This blog is going to be everything thats pops out in my head.