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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

KK's day out

One dull sober cloudy day (for a change from the usual bright sunny day) KK leaves from his house in hurry to to be on time for an important meeting with his client. His mom shouts from the kitchen telling him to have his breakfast before he leaves. But he shouts back saying "I am already late and on top of that you want me to have breakfast, vada, pasayam and all?" and leaves the house as he talks.
When he steps out of his house his father, who was sitting outside tells him to post a mail before he goes to office. Again he shouts back saying not today. He then takes his bike on to the road and tries to start but his bike does not co-operate with him. So he bends down to see what could be the trouble. Meanwhile a Santro that was passing by sloshed muddy water from the near by puddle on the road. KK's father and mother who were watching the whole scene unfold smirked hiding their face behind news paper and door respectively.
KK irritated rushes into the house and does a quick change and goes towards his bike to give another try. But the bike still follows murphy's law and refrains from starting.
Giving up with his bike KK heads towards the near by auto stand in the corner of his street. But to his luck there not even a single auto in the auto stand. He then calls one of his friend and asks him if he can give him a ride till his office. His friend tells him to wait at the bus stop so that he can pick from there. So KK starts to wait for his friend.
[Brute's contribution]
It was eight in the morning, KK was waiting for his friend. He was waiting for more than 30 mins and no sign of his friend, not even a call from him nor an SMS. In the meanwhile KK starts feeling hungry and so he walks to Idli banddi which was on the other side of the road.
[Golmaalgopal's contribution]
KK munches some idlies and suddenly tting!!! a brain-wave as usual(vaai summa irukkuma)and asks the idly fellow..."anne...ungaloda vandiyum 4 wheeler dhaan....neenga dhaan idha otittu porenga....pudhusa potta rule padi seat belt enga anne?" (translation: Brother..isnt your cart too a four wheeler? you are only driving this cart, as per the new rule where is the seat belt?)
Hearing that idly fello(ofcourse unaware of our thala's genius)gets enraged and starts to throw idlies at him...KK does some amazing matrix stunt and misses every idly that was thrown at him... But everyone was wondering where the idlies were disappearing, suddenly...G3 enters the screen (camera from low angle)...G3 catches all those idlies and asks the idly fellow 4 sambar n chutney, lifting him off the ground with just one hand. And in this gap our heeeerroo escapes to find his friend...and runs off without paying for the idlies that he downed.
Finally when KK reaches his office he finds that the meeting was almost over. Just when he was about to turn and go back to his cubicle his boss (not Sivaji) calls him and fires left, right and center and suspends him from office for a week.
[Sat's contribution]
Sad about the events that happened that day, KK walks back home sad with his face facing the earth like a sunflower which has not seen the sun for more than 2 months...KK suddenly bumps into something and falls down. When he looks up he finds G3. G3 catches him by his collar and picks him up and puts him on his foot. KK suddenly realizes that he'd better not mess with blogsville big shots hereafter...and immediately apologizes to G3... :P
In order to make his rotten day a little brighter he heads to his favorite sports bar. As soon as he enters he writes down some of his favorite numbers and gives it to DJ to play them. Correctly when the DJ starts to play his favorite numbers, his mobile rings "cloud #9 cloud #9" (Bryan Adam song)
He then pulls out his mobile and picks the call and says "Hey sweetie how are you?"
The voice on the other side yells "Where are you without going to office??"
Scared to tell about his suspension he lies "I got a comp off for a weekend that I worked, so I am at Ram's (how can a story be without a character named as Ram) house."
"Ha! you want me to believe that story. Let me check with Ram. Call him!"
"He is not here sweetie, he has gone to a near by store"
"Ok, then I will call his Mobile and check and cuts the call abruptly."
KK some how manages to call Ram before her and tells him to just continue with the lie and asks him to save him from her.
But Ram thinks himself to be Dil Chata hai Aamir Khan and tells her the whole story how and why he got suspended and which sports bar he is in currently along with the sports bar's latitude and longitude.
KK gets a call again so he picks it up and with confidence asks "Now atleast do you believe me?"
"Get lost!!, don't ever come in front of me again"
KK not knowing what to do, starts repeating "I am good boy (!!!!!)...I am a good boy!...please please believe me...I am a good boy!!!!" But the other side on the phone hangs up.
He just puts down his drink, pays the bill and heads straight to his house. She opens the door and he tries to convince her with all kind of answers but not heeding to him she slams the door on his face.
KK very depressed walks aimlessly on the road not knowing where he was going. Just then he sees a place that many people don't dare going there. He then climbs 140ft thinking about the whole day. Depressed by all the things that happened that day he thinks jumping down from there is the only way he can find happiness and so without any hesitation he jumps.

Suddenly he realizes that his wife, K was waking him up with a sweet smile on her face and a cup of hot coffee which was filling the whole room with it aroma in her hand. (Thinking about this only makes me so happy) Only then he realized that he was so disturbed about his meeting that day that he has had a bad dream about it. He then starts up his day happily with a broad smile thanking god that all that was not real.

Story: Jeevan Screenplay: Brute/GolMaalGopal/Sat/KK

P.S - This story is a compilation of the scenes that some of the bloggers contributed in the comment section in one of my previous posts.
P.S.S- Text in italics are the author's thoughts.
P.S.S.S - Stunt shown in the video is done by trained professionals like KK, do not try it at home.
P.S.S.S.S - Hope Ms.K sees this and wakes me with a bed coffee everyday.
P.S.S.S.S.S -I will be away from blogging for another one month to grow fatter from single to double.

Ha Ha Ha!! exceeded Sat's number of P.Ss :D


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Boss

Well its almost party time in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Every nook and corner of the state is echoing only one word. Yes its "Sivaji, The Boss". Super star Rajnikanth is back in action after a long 2 years of hiatus. Sivaji will just continue to run in the victory run by collecting the baton from the blockbuster movie Chandramukhi.

People from different strata of life, age or for that matter of fact any other diversity adore Rajnikanth on the silver screen. Every person who loves and hates him will see his movie at least once in the theatre. His movies are a total family entertainer.
Rajni is famous for his styles, which keep changing for each movies. One of his most famous style is to catch the cigarette in his mouth. It was in 70's that he started this stunt. Its still followed by many ardent fans across Tamil Nadu.

After styles the next thing that comes to ones mind when we think about Rajnikanth is his punch dialogues. The dialogues attain their meaning and beauty only when he says them. In recent times all new heroes in Tamil film industry have started using the same formula of having a punch dialogue for each movie. But nothing can come close to the way Rajni delivers it.

Rajni has proved that he is a versatile actor who can do varied roles which involves action, comedy and masala. Of all Rajni movies one movie that I love watching again and again is "Thillu Mullu"'. It is an out and out comedy movie. It was a remake of a hindi movie called "Golmaal". I personally feel this remake has surely out done the original. One of my favorite scene in that movie is the one below.

There is very common argument that compares Kamalhassan and Rajnikanth, to prove that Rajnkanth is no good etc. But I feel such a comparison is like comparing oranges and apples. Each one is good in their own way. Rajni's mass appeal, 100% entertainer, mixture of action, comedy, sentiments cannot be compared to Kamal's Acting, dancing, singing, perfectionisms, knowledge in various spectrum's of cinema. While Kamal has talent, Rajni has done hard work to reach where he is today. He is surely a source of inspiration for a lot of people, that if you put in enough amount of hard work, you can reach even beyond the skies.
I am just waiting for June 15th to come for Sivaji to release. Keeping my fingers crossed, hope the movie meets the humongous (this word is an under statement) expectation that people have for this movie.
Irrespective of how the movie runs, Rajnikanth will always remain as Super Star in most of the hearts in Tamil nadu. This post is dedicated to none other than the Super star.