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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Flight BA 420

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictious. Any coincidence to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Its just for fun, so please take it in lighter vein.

A bright summer evening at blogodor. At Gate 23 we hear an announcement "The final call for boarding the Blogair flight number 420 to blogsville.". Just when the gate doors were about to close, Venkatesh comes running towards the door. He was delayed because of his partner, she is none other than his car. He then shows his boarding pass and walks towards the flight.
Venkatesh is welcomed by Keshi, one of the flight attendant. Keshi guides Venkatesh to his seat. Meanwhile the other flight attendant, Soul closes the the aircraft door. Keshi joins Soul and closes the door. After closing the door Keshi and Soul get engrossed in their usual talk about nail polish, hair band, perfume and other girlie stuffs. Each one boasting about the products that they use or bought.
Suddenly the aircraft captain makes an announcement "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Gils, your flight captain for today along with our captain Arun and flight attendants Keshi and S0ul. We welcome you all on behalf of Blogair and hope you enjoy your flight. The total duration of the flight will be 3.5 hours"
The flight takes off. Once the flight reached the flying altitude, suddenly a huge scream followed by continuous loud crying. Everyone looks around to find who is crying. By then Pavithra consoles the kid who was crying. Meanwhile S0ul goes in search of the person crying. She finds out that the kid in the first row got scared looking outside the window.
"Honey, why are you crying, What's your name honey?" asked Soul.
"I am Prithz, I am scared of heights, so I got scared when I peeped out of the window" said the kid.
"Is this the first time you are traveling alone?" asked Soul.
"Yes" said Prithz wiping the tears on her cheeks.
"Ok honey, tell me, what would you like to have? ice creams or chocolate?" offered Soul.
"I want butterscotch ice cream and Ferero Roche chocolate" said Prithz.
For which S0ul said "Sure honey, Will get it for you".
She then turned and checked with Has to be me if she could take care of her until she returns. for which Has to be me replied "Sure, take your time, I have two kiddos at home".
Soul thanked her and went back to the pantry.
In some time, G3 goes towards the pantry, Keshi asks her "May I help you mam?" for which G3 replies saying "I am starving Can I have some food"
Keshi replies "We do not serve food on this flight as it is a short duration flight. But the drinks and snacks are coming soon, please be in your seat."
G3 goes back to her place and complains to Bharani who sits next to her "What crapy service, no food it seems, atleast if there were some plane stations in between, I can get down and buy something in the next plane station."
Bharani replied "Yes you are correct, I dont understand why there are no plane stations, they have bus station, train station even space station but no plane station. But look!" pointing somewhere outside the window. G3 thought he found some plane station. She looks around and finds nothing interesting. She then asks him "whats there?". For which he says "Birds!!!, I love bird watching." G3 was stumped.
Shankari who over hears G3, tells her "You can have Rendang chicken, if you want to." G3 happily accepts it and gives back the box so clean that Shankari need not wash it.
Suddenly a boy starts running around the plane sounding like a car and all of a sudden he stops with a screeching brakes sound. He honks at Bala.G who was lying down facing up and dreaming. Bala gets annoyed and asks the boy what he wants. The boy replies "I am Gopal Schumugger and I am racing, so move out of my way." They both get into an argument. Pavithra who sits near them steps in and solves the argument and made Schumugger sit next to her.
Meanwhile G3 gets impatient and complains to Priya, the lady next to her. Priya agrees to G3 that the service was bad and she noticed that the flight attendants are busy talking about their new shoes in the pantry. Priya suggests that "A on-board HR should be present to keep track of their service and appraise them based on that".
Keshi and S0ul comes pushing their trolley and they are blocked by someone. Its none other than, Brute. He got up from his place and was trying to strike a conversation with a young babe who was aboard. S0ul says "Son, please be seated in your place." For which brute replies "No, I want to be here, Need to tell her a story and you know, proceed on to win her heart" for which Keshi replies "Sir, please be seated, you can catch up with her later, I will help you if you want. You need some sexy pictures first to attract her.".
Keshi then pulls over to serve the passenger in the last row. "So what can I get you to drink mam?" asks Keshi, for which Kanya replies "I dont like the discrimination shown to women. Only wine and champagne is served for them, but men have a huge variety of drinks to drink. You being a women should not be doing this to another women. yada yada yada..." and stops after 5 minutes of continuous talking. Keshi by now confused tells her "I can get you what ever you want madam.". Kanya replies "Ok good, I like you. I would have a wine". Keshi doesnt know whether to laugh or cry on hearing this. Then Keshi inquires the next person, Starry replies in a poem what drink she wanted.
Meanwhile S0ul serves a gentleman who is seated near the window. Soul asks "Sir what can I get you to drink". For which the gentleman replies "Four Bacardis please." S0ul explains "I can atmost give you two not more than that". The gentlemen gets irritated and says "You know who I am? I am Syam, I am the natamai in Blogsville". Soul immediately apologizes and gives him four bacardi bottles and sprite and moves on to the next person. "Sir What can I get you to drink?" asked Soul. "Dont disturb me like this when I am dreaming, get me whatever Deepika endorses" replied Karthik B.S.
While the stewardess were serving the drinks, Arun walks out of the cockpit to take a rest room break. On his way to the restroom, he tells everyone that he is starting a new office and wants them to take a visit to his shop whenever possible. When he comes out of the rest room, he finds Gils the other pilot also out of the cockpit. When inquired Gils replied that things are under control and he has switched on the auto pilot.
In the first row, Sat was busy listening to her Ipod. Suddenly she finds that her Ipod went low on charge and to her surprise she finds something similar to a Ipod charging station so she plugs her Ipod in it and goes to the rest room feeling happy about her luck. Suddenly the following music starts playing and everyone wonders where from the music was from.

powered by ODEO
All of a sudden the plane starts wobbling. Gils asks Arun "Is it wobbling because I put it on Auto? Because in Chennai auto jumps around like this only." Arun tells "Shut up and follow me" and both run to the cockpit. They were shocked to see that some one had opened the emergency exit door. They peeped through the window they found Syam dancing bharathnatyam on the wing. They come running to the door and call Syam. But he was too drunk and dancing to the tune that was playing in the plane. While everyone was wondering who was going to jump on to the wing and save Syam, Shuba and her childhood friend peep through the open door to see Syam dancing. Shuba's friend tells Shuba to jump on the wing and save him. She replies "Are you a nut case or what?". He then threatens to push her on the wing. She some how escapes from him and runs to her seat and belts herself tight to the seat.
By now Sat comes out of the restroom terrified by the wobble and gets shocked to see her Ipod playing loud. Whatever she thought as a charging station was actually a Ipod docking station connected to the speakers in the plane.
Once the music stopped Syam lost his balance and was about to fall and luckily gils had a rope and he threw the lasso correctly around Syam and pulls him in. The passengers go on a roar of claps for Gils for his heroic deed. Usha who was near the door, asks Syam "Yenna kodumai ithu" and hits her forehead.
While all this drama was unfolding, three guys were found to be sitting in their place calmly. One was Harish who was analyzing about people's behavior and making them characters in his next story. Contended was busy preparing for the conference for which he was flying. Lastly yours truly, KK who was busy typing this post.
After a while we hear an announcement from Captain Gils "We have reached Blogville and the local time is quarter past nine. Hope you enjoyed your journey. Blogair appreciates your business. Hope to see you soon.". Once the plane reaches its gate every one except one girl leave the plane and head towards their blogs.S0ul wakes her up "Ms.Arpita... Ms.Arpita the plane reached its destination." after which she wakes up and walks towards her blog.

Happy Thanks Giving Folks!!! Thanks to Brute for his great idea of using the blog fraternity as characters in a story. Hearing his idea I felt this would be a great thanksgiving gift to all the blogger friends. Though this does not have a lot of my other blogger friends, will add them in my subsequent similar kind of story. Hope you enjoyed reading the same.


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Just came across this comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes...

These comic strips made me think on how I was when my picture was taken. During my childhood days photograph was such a formal thing. My photographs were taken only for some application purpose or it was my class group photo. I was too busy sliding down the stairway rails, filling my pockets with chocolates, eating full meals in the name of tasting the food, etc. to waste my time posing in some photograph during functions and parties. So I never used to be any of the casual pictures.
Later the next stage was, I never liked myself in photos because of my monalisaic face belief. So always used to avoid being in a picture. Then suddenly one day I realized that only whatever is there will come in the picture so started to pose for pictures. I was so bored of just standing facing the camera so I started doing pranks like how Calvin does in the above strip. Now when I look at those pictures, it seems so funny to see what all I have done. Lifting my leg, putting my tongue out, having a squint eye and making many more pranks with my face and hands. The last prank picture that I took was me posing like, the name is Bond, James Bond. With two girls on each side of me.
On the contrary I have seen that many Asians do not even smile when their picture is taken. Instead they give a very cold stare at the camera as if the camera did or is doing something wrong. Just wondering why we stare at the camera rather than giving a warm smile? Is it because of the myth that our life time reduces when our photo is taken?
Have you posed in any interesting poses for photographs?


Monday, November 13, 2006

Punishment Tag from Shuba

Shuba made a hit list and punished us all by creating this tag and tagging us. Shuba here after lets talk it out and sort it out, ok? :)

1.The best thing to do - Sleep. What else can beat this. Thats when I get to become a Director, a cinematographer, an actor, a singer, a scientist, a truck driver, a cricketer playing as part of the Indian Team, meeting Michael Schumacher and many more...

2. The best gift - Still waiting for someone to present me a Mercedes / BMW/ Ferrari... Anyone interested in giving me the best gift???

3. The best thing I've ever heard - "I am a nice guy" I know its a big lie. But only truth is bitter who wont like a sweet lie.

4. The best thing I've said - Everything that I say is the best thing

5.The best thing that happened to me - Yet to happen

6.The best person I've met - Myself

7.The best friend - Many to be mentioned here.

8.The best moment - When I saw her for the first time.

9.The best book - Tinkle

10.The best blog - Every blog is good in its own way.

11.The best place - Dreamland

12.The best food - Chicken Biryani

13.The best song - I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder... Hoping to use it some time...

14.The best hangout - When I was hanged upside down from second floor in hostel for pulling many people's legs :) Trust me your head becomes heavy with all the blood flowing to you head.

15.The best eatout - Kaiyenthi bhavan A.K.A Roadside shops...remaining places I eat inside :)

16.The best hobby - Bird watching. There are so many varieties of bird the whole life time is not enough to see all :)

17.The best TV show ever - Didi's comedy show, Everybody loves Raymond

18.The best manager - Mom, especially when I was going to school. Notebooks dont where I left them,
Pencil box dont know where they are,
To search everything there is mom

19.The best musician - ARR

20.The best gang - Surely not Dawood Ibrahim's

21.The best drink - Water, dont think any other water

22.The best quote - Live life king size, dint mean Gold flake Kings

23.The best woman - Mother Teressa

24.The best kid - Me when I was a kid.

25.The best poem - The poem that other bloggers write.

26.The best dancer - Everyone after 4 pegs

27.The best movie - Cast Away

28.The best actor - Tom Hanks, Kamal Hasan

29.The best vehicle - Ecofriendly Bullock cart

30.The best scene in a movie - The scene when Tom Hanks cries when Wilson leaves him in Cast Away. The scene where Madhavan proposes to Shalini in Alaipayuthe.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What does it take to make a nice video?

Now a days, most of the music videos directors think that if they spend a lot of money or go to some foreign country showing some beautiful places or awesome lighting or colorful screen composition or grandeur sets or show some skimpily clad girls, they can hit the jackpot of making a nice video which will appeal to the people. Here are the videos of a Chicago based group called Ok Go that proves that nothing of that sorts is needed to make people enjoy the video. Both the songs are catchy.
Treadmill is one of the most favorite exercising machine in the World. It gives us the flexibility of burning lots of calories by just letting us walk in one place while we watch TV or while listening to music. Have we any time thought of using it as a dance prop? At least I have never thought so. But check out the video of Here It Goes Again, This is surely going to be one of my favorite videos.

If that was not enough, check out the below video called A Million Ways, to prove that even a dance prop is not needed to make a good video. All they needed to make this video was a camera. Trust me, they didnt even need a camera man to make both these video's.

Hope you enjoyed watching the videos, just as much as I enjoyed watching it. And yes, the songs are also very catchy, I am hooked to the songs.