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Friday, April 17, 2009

Yaavarum Nalam (13 B)

Another first time on my blog! Though I do not like to read movie reviews I have always wanted to write movie reviews. So, here comes my very first movie review....

Yesterday I saw the tamil movie Yaavarum Nalam, the cast has Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in the lead role with Saranya, Poonam Dhillon, Ravibabu, Sachin Khedekar, Deepak Dobriyal and Murli Sharma playing supporting roles.
This movie is more a thriller than a horror movie, something that the tamil film field has been devoid of for quite a few years. There were a few so called horror movies in between like Shock and Sivi, but they kind of didn't meet a horror movie's demand.
Yaavarum Nalam has all the right ingredients needed to make a nice horror thriller. Though the movie has the usual horror revenge plot, the way the story has been handled is quite different and keeps everyone watching the movie eagerly waiting on what is going to happen next.
Manohar (Madhavan) and his family buy a new apartment and move into the apartment. From the time the family moves in to the new apartment, some small trivial inauspicious incidents keep occurring on everyday basis but gets shrugged off. But after few days Manohar senses that something fishy is happening, just then, he happens to see a serial that comes on TV which resembles very much like his family. He gets spooked by the similarity of events that happen in his family and the serial. Though all ladies in his family watch the serial on daily basis, none of them realize what Manohar finds eerie. From there, the story unravels as Manohar follows behind the mysterious happenings and finds clues and finally saves his family from any mishap.
In my opinion, a horror thriller is a difficult movie to make when compared to making a masala flick or action or Romantic subjects. Because even if one department falls back the movie will become more a comedy movie than a thriller movie. In that way, I feel Yaavarum Nalam has the right balance of everything that is needed for a horror thriller. Well that becomes obvious when you hear the crew for the film, the movie consists of National award winners like cinematographer P.C.Sreeram, editor Sreekar Prasad, sound designer A.S.Lakshminarayanan and art director Sameer Chanda.
I was not too familiar with the director's name, so watching the movie and having been impressed by the quality of the movie, I googled and found that director Vikram.K.Kumar, has won a National Award for his short film ‘Silent Scream’.
Shankar Eshan Loy, strike again, but with the background score more than the soundtracks this time. The background score gives the required eerie feeling that the movie requires.
P.C.Sreeram has proved why he is such a renowned cinematographer in India, the angles, lighting and the frame compositions speaks his experience behind the camera. His magic with the camera along with Shankar Eshan Loy's background score makes us sit still and watch the movie with lots of anticipation.
One negative in movie is, Madhavan's dialogue delivery during the early stages of the movie, his impatient way of talking kind of irritates. Actually only Madhavan has any scope of acting in the movie, others are all just supporting actors.
The movie was taken in two languages (Hindi and Tamil). So non-tamil speaking people can watch 13 B, I hope the movie should be pretty much same as Yaavarum Nalam.

On KK's Scale Yaavarum Nalam gets 4 stars on 5.