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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the hell is Matt?

Have you ever thought that a silly act on the streets could show how much fun this World is filled with? From the comments (19,671,578 hits) in Youtube for this video, I can for sure say that, simple things like this can bring smile to a million people irrespective of where they are in the World. The song for this video has something special, it makes me feel very light. I am not sure how many of you have seen this video, but this video is like a pill for me whenever I am sober. I may feel dull for whatever reason but this video will bring a smile on my face and make me brighter and spring back and face life in a positive vibe.
Now being a not so good time for many, thought I would post this on my blog and make a few people smile. Here you go.

About this video:
Matt was a game programmer, who got bored with his routine life. So he quit his job and used his own savings to go around places. That time, he decided to stand in front of the landmarks and do a dance step, which he video taped. He posted this video on his website and all of a sudden he shot to fame across the World. His video became so famous that he was contacted by Stride chewing gum and was sponsored to dance around the World. Hear it from the horse's mouth.

Checkout the the original video that Matt had posted on his site. There is a lot of places from Asia in this video, in fact lots of places from India.

BTW, It is Earth hour on March 28th, 2009 at 8:30pm local time. Please switch off all possible electrical appliances during this hour and vote for a green Earth. Please pass this information to everyone you know. For more information check out http://www.earthhour.org



Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Lost World

In the Wee hours of January 1st 2009, while the whole World was welcoming and celebrating the coming of New year, hoping the new year will bring joy, hope and prosperity, a small village called Paranthan in the Northern part of Sri Lanka was waiting for the Sun to rise and brighten the air filled with gun smoke and the morning mist.

Appa: Thurai.. Thurai... Thurai Kanna... Happy New Year Karadi kutty... wake up karadi kutty...
Thurai: uuuuhn.... I am feeling sleepy appa...
Appa: Hoy! My dear Karadi kutty wake up soon, I have a surprise for you...
Thurai: You keep the surprise safe, I will get it from you once I wake up appa.
Appa: Chella Kutty, c'mon wake up... c'mon open your eyes... see its New Year!!

[Thurai opens his eyes slowly... his eye lids flutter trying to adjust to the dimly lit home]

Thurai: Is it New Year today?
Appa: Yes, my dear Kutty chellam.
Thurai: What does New Year mean?
Appa: New Year brings happiness and prosperity.
Thurai: Oh! Wow!! So I can play cricket with Sivarajah in the fields like before, go to the talkies and watch Rajini cinemas, buy ice cream from the ice cream peddler... and then.... many more fun things... right appa?
Appa: Yes my dear.

Appa: Ok, fast. Get ready soon.
Thurai: Where are we going appa?
Appa: There is going to be get-together in a near by place, we need to go there as soon as possible. There will be some delicious food for us.
Thurai: Wow!! Wish it was new year everyday! Appa look! There are so many holes on the wall.

[Thurai points to the bullet punctured sand wall]

Appa: Oh! those holes? Yesterday night after you went to sleep there was a huge lightning, which made those holes. Don't worry we can close them once we come back.

[Thurai says ok and starts to get ready to leave for the new year feast while he hums the tune Athiradee kaaran from Sivaji]

Thurai: Appa, I am ready! Why is amma still sleeping? Isn't she coming for the feast?
Appa: No da chellam, Amma was disturbed by the lightning yesterday night, so she is very tired and she asked us to go, leaving her here to take some rest.
Thurai: Oh ok, We can pack and bring some food for her from the feast.
Appa: Sure, nice plan! She will be happy that you got some food for her.
[Thurai's Appa says wiping tears from his eyes.]
Thurai: Why are you crying appa?
Appa: Nothing son, Just happy that you care so much for your mother.
Thurai: Ok, lets not disturb amma, let's leave now.
Appa: Yeah Yeah... Let's go.

[When they were about to step out of the house.]
Appa: Thurai, just wait here for a minute here, don't step out of the house.

[Thurai's appa goes to Thurai's mom and changes the towel that was placed on the bullet wound, which he used to prevent the blood from flowing all over the house. He had placed a towel before he woke Thurai. Because he did not want Thurai to know that his mother is no longer with him in this belligerent World.]

Appa: Thurai Kutty, come lets go.

[Appa peeps outside the house to make sure it was peaceful to step outside. Appa carries Thurai in his arms and sheilds Thurai to the maximum he can and looks around and walks swiftly.]

[After going some distance, they hear a loud bang in a close proximity.]
Thurai: Appa, what was that? so loud?
Appa: Are you asking about the loud bang?
Thurai: Yes.
Appa: Today is new year rite? So, some one is bursting fireworks to celebrate new year.
Thurai: Wish I too had some fireworks.
Appa: hmmm... Lets see if there are any shops to get some fireworks.
Appa: Why don't you sing a song while we walk?
Thurai: Ok.

[They walk some distance while Thurai sings all along.]
Appa: Shhhhh..... shhhhh...
Thurai: Looks like there are many who are bursting crackers in this place.

[Appa holds Thurai tightly and starts running]
Thurai: Appa, look, many people are running to that old building, is that where we are going too?
Appa: [Frantically] yeah yeah.

[A bullet comes from no where and strikes Thurai's Appa]
Appa: Ahhhhh!!!
[Bends down in pain and lets Thurai get down]
Appa: Quick, run to that place, don't wait for me. Quick... Quick... run...
Thurai: Ok
Appa: Thurai one minute.
[Appa hugs Thurai tightly and gives a peck on his cheeks]
Appa: Take care son... Go fast...

[Thurai runs to the old building where a nurse from red cross safe zone area takes him to shelter, Thurai turns back to see his appa lying down on the road sans any movement.]

Few days later...

[Thurai is very sad about what had happened on the new year. He does not talk to anyone, he constantly keeps looking out of the window hoping his mother will come in search of him.]

It's a very saddening thing to see many children loosing their parents during the War. I hope people come forward and adopt kids like Thurai and restore peace and happiness in their lives.

Hats off to Keshi who has adopted a kid affected in the Sri Lankan War.