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Monday, December 08, 2008

God's broker

Another sage joins the fraud list, not in India but in Georgia, USA. Ever since I have known, I have always heard quite a few saints hitting the news stands for the wrong reasons, more than for any good deeds. I was thinking of posting about beliefs and practices and coincidently came across this news report from Fox news in youtube. Check out the following videos where Dr.Commander a so called saint at Atlanta, Georgia was caught for credit card fraud and practicing medicine without a license.

why do we need a broker for god? Won't god answer prayers if you pray directly to god?
I saw one of his speeches in Youtube where he draws analogy between God and Insurance company. He says that just like how we pay premiums every month we should pray to god and when you get in trouble that is when God will come, just like how insurance company comes when you land in some trouble. I rolled on the floor laughing hearing such a speech, and there were so many people patiently listening his crap. God! save all those people who follow blindly. I am pretty sure this incident will project a very wrong picture about Hinduism to people who are curious about other religions.
We can't blame people who do fraud like Dr.Commander, I think even people need to blamed for it. The most astonishing thing is, people believed all the crap such have doing ohmams over the phone and the ohmam video will be sent by mail in a DVD.
One thing I would like to ask everyone is, instead of pouring a lot of money to people like these guys, please help people in need by sponsoring education etc.
Be safe from people like Dr.Commander. Take Care.