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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 5 cute romantic tamil movies scenes I like

Actually I am not a big fan of romance being the core subject of a movie. I feel a cinema field is healthy only when it deals with a variety of subjects. I like the way how bollywood is producing movies recently. One of the recent bollywood movie that I liked was "The Wednesday". It was a nice movie with a nice and different plot. If you have not seen it, I would strongly recommend this movie. In tamil I think of all the new age directors I think Vetrimaran and Venkat Prabhu's movies are promising when it comes with dealing non love based story lines. But Gils' post provoked me to come up with a list of romantic scenes that I like in tamil movies. So here goes my list...

1. I don't think anything can beat the Karthik and Revathi segment in Mouna Raagam. Personally I love the scene where Karthik parks his bike before the bus and compels Revathi to say that she was looking out for him. The following video has all my favourite scenes in this movie.

2. Second one that comes to my mind is Ithayathai Thirudathe. The scenes are pretty much in the same style as mouna ragam but it still makes us enjoy each encounter between Nagarjuna and Geethanjali. The main reason being double damaka, in this movie both hero and heroine are shown as fun loving people. Check out the video below for my favourite scene in this movie.

3. I love every scene in Alaipayuthe but this is one of my most favourite scene. After a long break Mani Rathnam gave us a film in this genre. Another scene other than this one I love the most is, when Madhavan calls up Shalini at work. I tried hard for the video, this is the only one I could find. Sorry about the bad quality.

4. This again is from Mani Rathnam, I wonder how he thinks these kind of scenes. Trully brilliant ones. I like the way he handled this movies subject and the characterizations. After I saw this movie, I always wanted a wife like the one Simran portrays in this movie,independant, fun loving yet a strict mom.

5. Well finally I have a scene in my top 5 favourite which is not directed by Mani Rathnam. This scene is from Sillunu oru kadhal. This scene is a typical Mani Rathnam sequence, I am pretty sure the director of this movie was inspired by Mani Rathnam when he conceived this scene. This is one movie I liked but came to know that many did not like it. I felt it was a pretty decent movie, just that people could not digest the story line.

There are a few scenes which came close but missed my top 5 list.
1. Alaypayuthe climax scene, the scene where Shalini says I love you to Madhavan. Check here.
2. Another Mani Rathnam movie, in which we might not expect to have such a cute scene is Thalapathi. The scene where Rajini justifies cutting a police man's hand to Shobana. Second scene (Pidichuruku) in this video.
3. Gajini romance sequence between Surya and Asin. If the scenes were a little more fast paced, I guess this would have made in my Top 5 list. Click here for the video.
4. The romance sequence in the song Kangal irandal in Subramaniampuram. Click here for the video.

You might wonder why I have listed only scenes from Mani Rathnam's movies, but these are the most memorable scenes that have got stuck in my head. May be because I am a huge fan of him. One commonality between all these scenes is they all make you smile when you watch them, irrespective of the number of times you watch it.

Go ahead fill my comments with your favourites scenes.



Monday, October 13, 2008

Crossing over

Rajesh uncle waits in front of the gate to board the flight to his destination. He keeps him engaged by watching the TV that was present in the waiting hall. Meanwhile a very old person sits in the vacant seat next to him.
Hello, I am Vinayagam.
Rajesh uncle returns back a warm smile and says "Hello Mr.Vinayagam, I am Rajesh. Nice to meet you."

[1 month back...]
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am Rajaram, Vidya's father.
Hello sir, I am Rajesh, Vikram's father and this is Seetha my wife.
Lakshmi! Please come here, people from the bride groom's house have come.
Lakshmi comes into the room, gives a warm welcoming smile and says vanakkam to every one in the room.

Mr.Vinayagam taps on Rajesh uncle's shoulder and asks "Why sir? Why are you so sad?"
"Nothing sir, had a lot of work to do but before that the time to leave had come, it makes me sad that I was not able to complete all my duties." replied Rajesh uncle.
"Don't worry sir, everything will fall in place as it should."
A man with a grey french beard sits in the chair opposite to Rajesh uncle.

[1 month back...]
Mr.Rajaram hope you or your Mrs are fully satisfied about this marriage.
Ofcourse sir, we are completely happy about it. Vidya is our only daughter and we respect her choice. We are sure her choice will be the best for her life.
Wow! thats nice to hear. My wife and I also feel the same way about Vikram's choice.
Vikram has a younger brother, Vinay, he's got exam tomorrow so we left him back at home.
[Vidya enters the room looking at nothing but the floor. She is made to sit in the center of the room.]
Shall we have the marriage after a month?
Oh sure, but... isn't 1 month too less a time to organize?
Oh don't worry about that, we can work together, and moreover lets have a simple wedding ceremony and a nice reception.
That sounds good, just the way I would like to do the wedding.

How come you seem so happy? asked Rajesh uncle.
I am little bit sad about leaving here, but the happiness of meeting my wife again after many years subtilizes my sadness. How about you sir? asks Mr.Vinayagam looking at the man with the french beard who sat opposite to him.
"I am also happy, I will be meeting my wife, son , daughter, my father and my mother. The last I saw them was on December 26, 2004 when we went to Velankani shrine."
"Wow! that is so nice." said Rajesh Uncle.

[1 week ago...]
Vijaykumar as you already know next Monday is Vikram's wedding. Please come 1 or 2 days before the wedding along with your family. Sorry, Seetha could not come with me, since we didnt have much time, she has gone to give invitations to relatives and friends on the other end of the city.
Sure, What da, why so much formality? Vikram is like my son, We will all be there to bless him.

"Look at those small children, look how happy they are, they don't even realise what is happening." said Mr.Vinayagam pointing his finger to two children who were playing catching game.
Oh look they have started to board. I think its better we go and join the queue, said Mr.Arokiaraj, the man with the french beard.
Mr.Vinayagam while getting up from the chair said "Yes, lets go Mr. Rajesh".
When they don't hear any reply, Mr.Vinayagam and Mr.Arokiaraj turn back to see Rajesh uncle missing. They look around trying to find Rajesh uncle.

Mr.Rajesh!Mr.Rajesh! Mr.Rajesh! Please open your eyes slowly. How are you doing sir?
"Where am I? Why am I here?" asks Rajesh uncle looking at the doctors who woke him up.
You met with a small accident, but you are completely safe now. Your wife, sons, relatives and friends are waiting outside to see you. Let me go and let them know that you are doing great and send your wife and children here.

Mr.Vinayagam and Mr.Arokiaraj see all this unveiled.
Meanwhile at the gate, an important announcement for all passengers leaving to heaven, this is the final call for the flight leaving to heaven. Please report at the gate at the earliest.
Mr.Vinayagam and Mr.Arokiaraj give a warm smile to Rajesh uncle and bid adieu by waving to him and went inside their gate to board the flight to meet their near and dear in heaven.

Dedicated to one of my close friends father and to Randy Pausch.(Whenever you get time (video is 1hr 16 mins long), click on the link for Randy Pausch and listen to his last lecture, Randy was a professor in Carnegie Mellon university who became one of Time magazine's Top 100 most influencial people in 2007.)