Kays Brainwave

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A year that flew over KK's blog...

Where was I so long?

I got fused* after marriage, so didn’t have any brainwaves...

*fused with my better half :) (Hopefully this statement gets me tonite's dinner without any problem)

Now to the real blame absorbers...

About the same time last year I set my eyes on my 2nd wife (My B1/2 hates, me being with her). Just to clear the air here, I mean my Nikon SLR when I mean 2nd wife.

I always wanted a SLR ever since I was small. I totally fell in love with it when I tried out my cousin's SLR. Everyone fancies buying a bike or car or house after they start working, but I always wanted to buy a SLR. But correctly when I started working digital cameras came into the picture because of which I decided to wait for the digital camera market to stabilize before I can own my own digital SLR. Finally I got my own Digital SLR in September last year. So I was all excited about taking photos with my B1/2 being my model for all my try outs. The camera since then took me to places like Zoo, Canyons, National Parks, City parks to list a few.

Then when I was almost about to hit the ground after flying high with my new SLR, I had bid adieu to the windy city since my project came to an end. From there I ended up at the Mormon city. New place, new people, new office, new work, new business terminologies, new apartment but same old (new) wife :). So it kind of took some time to settle down in the new place with not a single familiar face around.

When I was almost set at the new place, work became hectic. The Go live date for my project was 1st of January. What kind of sane man would plan for a big release on the 1st of Jan? I would call them sadists, spoiling everyone's New Year unless their role is not that of a manager (rightly called as Damagers). Especially if your Indian manager is involved in coming up with the project estimates, forget planning anything.

Once the go live went fine, when I was thinking of starting to blog again... Steve Jobs' phone fell into my hand (another thing that my B1/2 hates). A cool gadget, which I could not resist. The power of having internet where ever you go (as long as there is cell phone signal) is amazing! I was all excited until 2nd second generation phone came, that's when I felt like... Gawd!! I should have waited!!

Again when I was about to make my second attempt to start blogging, new project, new office, new colleagues and new technologies. So Again I am kind of trying to settle down from all the changes around me.

So, you see, there is nothing to blame on me... Blame it on Nikon, Steve Jobs, Windy City, Salt Lake city, Old project, new project, previous project damager, new faces around me etc. etc. (This statements shows a real sign of Calvin's side effect)

Before anything comes again, I wanted to break my one full year of hiatus with a new post... So here it goes...