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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Learn Blogging in 30 days! Part-Trios

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Ambi was followed by Jeevan to give some tips on how to write patriotic post. He starts by telling about the leader during India's freedom struggle and suddenly Oliveoyl, who was in her own world stands up and says Gabdain Vaazhga!
Deepa who was playing her cricketer trump cards, suddenly sprung up from her seat on hearing about gabdain, she started shouting Sachin... Saaaachin..... Sachin... Saachin.... Sachin Gops who was dreaming about his car shouts "Present sir!" thinking the attendance was being taken. The whole class bursts out into laughter.
After Jeevan, Shiva comes to the dais to share his experience of how he found his long lost friend back again through his blog. While he about the complete, Kavi stands up and asks Shiva what his profile image means. For which Shiva replies that his profile means "Oru oorla oru peiya maram athula oru kuii" and again the class goes on a roll.
Suddenly everyone's attention is drawn towards a girls who walks on the corridor singing "Kallile kalai vannam kandan...". Karthikeyan runs to her and asks who she was and why she is going like this.
She replies "I am Janani, I had actually gone to Mahabalipuram during the weekend along with my mom and her friends. I was very moved by the sculptures and since then I have been going around lost, singing like this."
When Karthikeyan was talking outside with Janani, Sonata runs to the dias and quizes the class about the name of the film of the song which Janani sang. While everyone tries to name the film, Ace stands up and says bibiliki bilabi... Viji who was sitting in the first row stands up and asks "Mama biskothu".
Padma Priya, walks furiously to Ambi and asks "You are no good as a brother.". Ambi wondering what happened asks her what happened. For which she just points her finger at RSubras. He was singing the song "Kai veesamma kai veesu... kadaiku pona kai veesu..." to Prithz.
After everyone finishes with their lecture, Karthikeyan calls Priyamana neram Priya and gives her an award for the the best story in blogsville award for her Kadhal yaanai story. She starts telling about what inspired her to write the story. She gets disturbed by SKM and Chitra who were sitting in the first bench and discussing about each one's son, their behaviour, funny incidents created by their son's. Due to this Priya loses her cool and goes back to her seat. Karthikeyan annoyed by this tells SKM and Chitra to write an imposition on the black board.
Porkodi who was also in the first row, was irritated by the constant telugu conversation between Brute, Contended and Isha in the second row. She turns back and tells them "SKM's writing is like Jangiri alias Jilebi like the one she makes can you understand what she is writing? May be she is writing in telugu.". As soon as G3 hears about food she runs to the dais searching for it. KK hits his head and says "These people will never improve."

The End

Thank you everyone for all your patience and encouragement. You guys are not only stars in my story but you guys are the stars of my blog. Without your constant encouragement I dont think it would have been possible for me to complete one full year of blogging. Thanks Again!

I had fun writing this story with you all as characters. So I thought I will share the fun with you guys. So the next post will be a story with me as the character and written by you guys. So I request each one of you to pitch in some lines for the story as a comment. I will consolidate them and put them as a story in my next post. Unleash your imagination and have fun.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Learn Blogging in 30 days! Part -Deux

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Karthikeyan bangs the duster on the desk to make the class quiet.

On seeing this GomaalGopal tells Bharani, "Billu If Princi tells order order... then tell him I want one plate Pongal vada and one coffee".
Hearing this Bharani ROTFL's!! Karthikeyan see's this and calls Bharani to tell about how he blogs. Bharani thinks a lot and then he tells "Actually I think, I think, I think... and inspite of all the think I only blink, then I listen to some song and post that with the lyrics. In short my blog is Powered by Ctrl+C, Driven by Ctrl+V".
Immediately G3 stands up and says "You guys might laugh at Bharani for copying, but its talent and with some public service mentality."
Golmaal tells Bharani "Billu, be ready for a long bill from G3."
Karthikeyan gets the attention of the whole class and introduces Priya to class as the blogger who can literally write about anything from a shopping cart to women empowerment.
Priya comes to dais and talks about her experience in blogging. She tells "Writing blog is like a painting or a writing a poem, you can get inspiration from everything that you see in your daily life"
Suddenly Sachin Gops stands up and tells "Correct! That's why I wrote about my Window, Calculator, TVS 50....." while he was listing all the things that he had written people in the last row including gals started pelting with chalk pieces and paper rockets forcing him to sit.
After that Priya continues to tell about her inspirations and points to someone who was swinging outside on the near by tree. When everyone peeped though the widow they started to laugh, wonder ing what was so funny Karthikeyan looks outside and to his surprise he finds Heidi Kris wearing a white dress, singing and swinging. Sat looking at this conks Gils on his head and asks "Does she think herself as Sridevi in 16 vayathinile?" Gils replies to her in anger "How do I know?"
Sat keeps her cool and tells "Corrs! Corrs!"
Gils just sits back in his place quietly and mumbles "Let me get those Corrs song then I will make you drive a car and see to that you run over the car on yourself."
Meanwhile on the other corner of the room, ItchingToWrite takes out her cell phone and plays the ringtone loud keeping it near Ganesh. ArtNavy, who sits beside ItchingToWrite gets irritated by what she was doing and asked "What are you doing? Even Anush will behave better than you." for which ItchingToWrite replies "This guys mobile keeps ringing every now and then, so I am doing what I do to auto drivers on Chennai roads. It gives me a kind of happiness to do that.". Artnavy says "From tomorrow onwards I will get some of Anush's wooden toys, so that you can play with it.".
When all this was happening, suddenly a small boy dressed in Sharukh Khan's dress comes inside the class room singing and dancing "Devuda devuda yezhumala devuda..". While everyone was wondering who the kid was a small girl enters the room behind him and finds her mother who was hiding under the desk eating the yummy food that was cooked by Lera. Only then everyone realised that the mom of these kids Has to be her.
When everything settled down, Karthikeyan calls on Vidya to tell the class what technique she uses to get topics for her blog. Vidya takes the dias and starts "Sai chien Karthikeyan. Nee how students." The whole class wonders what she was talking. She then realised that she has got the hangover of chinese after attending the chinese new year festival. She then starts tellig about the history and geography of her blog and continues with the physics and chemistry of her blog then starts with dynamics and goes on and on and on as if she is powered by energizer battery.
Bored by the non-stop n............ (Did you think nonsense?? Vidya see what these people are thinking :) I didnt mean that way, I meant naration) Our class love birds Kittu mama and Maami start singing...

When they were about to finish their song, everyone hears Thee thee in a sweet voice. Arun hears this as tea tea and runs towards the door thinking someone was going to give tea and biscuit for everyone. Ambi who was standing near the door catches Arun by his ear and takes him to his place and tells him to sit there quietly. While doing this Ambi thinks within himself "Super, duper. Became a hero in front of all these girls... hehehehehe.... Thanks Arun". Meanwhile Arun repending over how his image was damaged by Ambi fumes and in turn smoke comes out of his ears. Again a sweet voice says Thee thee, and when we follow the voice, it was found that Marutham was singing a song. Venky who was sleeping so long suddenly got up when he heard "Thee Thee" and correctly he saw the smoke that was coming out of Arun's ears and started running out shouting "Fire Fire!". He went running in the college corridor even before anyone could realize what happened to him. Natamai immediately turns towards Kittu and tells "Paththa vechutiye parrata" and does one good morning opicer salute to Kittu Maami.
Shuba immediately turns towards usha and says "These guys are always like this, for no reason they get scared and run away shouting for help. Similar thing happened when I was born, Actor Surya and his brother current heartthrob Karthik (BSK'nu kooda sollalam) came and saw me when I was born. They took a peek into the cradle where I was put and started running like mad itseems. I still can't understand what they saw to get so scared."
For which Usha replies "Yenna Kodumai Shuba, These kind of people we should take them to Swiss alpine and fix them as your skis and ski down the hill."
Ambi is called upon the stage to give some valuable tips for the youth bloggers, there was a huge roar of claps for Ambi's entry.
Thanking everyone he starts his speech "People I am going to tell you how to write 68 posts and find your betterhalf." Hearing this natamai whistles in full flow. Ambi tells natamai "This is not for people who got married and frying potato bondas.".
Ramya raises her hand and asks a question to Ambi "I was told if I write about Eyes and change the color of my blog, dress and my accessories to green, many will fall for me, but all these made me look like a tree. Instead of guys falling for me I think soon some fruit will fall out of me. do you know why?". Ambi replies "If you ask kozhanthai(so claims Ambi) all this, he will start crying."
Krithika who was quiet all this while asks Ambi a question "Do good friends make better girlfriends/boyfriends and couples? Not necessarily.Because a relationship ushers in possessive attitude which brings out a different side of a woman's personality?
I'm pretty confused..."
Ambi replies "Hearing your question I am Kaathu-fused".

The class will continue....

PS - Folks, Thanks for the comments for the previous post, it was very encouraging. Sorry I was unable to reply to them. Hope henceforth I will blog more regularly.
P.S.S - Thought of finishing this story this week but was getting too long so extending it to one more section a la Gils.