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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'll be back

This is exactly what I would like to have currently.... Would any of you be interested for the tech writer post? :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Learn Blogging in 30 days!

Disclaimer: All characters in this post are not fictious and they resemble any person or blog in real world intentionally. And so junta take this in lighter vein.

This day one year back, Kays Brainwave came into existence. With all your encouragement it has completed a whole year of blogging. I was almost done with blogging when Kays Brainwave was about 1.5 months old. But comments and encouragement from you guys has made me going for more and complete a year. Thanks People!
Just an imagination of how it will be if all of us were in one class room studying about blogging. This story is inspired from zaban sambalke that used to come on DD long time back.

S0ul enters the class room with a Jamba juice in her hand and sits in the first row next to Keshi and starts to crib about how bad her day was. In reply Keshi was describing about the blue eyed guy whom she saw in the train. Later Sat enters the room and goes straight to the last row and tells Gils to move, saying she wants to sit in the last row. KK tells her that all girls sit on the other side and not here. Sat gets angry and yells "How dare you tell me to go sit along with the girls?". Gils who was watching silently so long smirks and looks at Sat. Sat turns towards Gils and says "So you are laughing at me uhn??? We'll see how you get your corrs". Immediately goes behind Sat and convinces her that he will give a seat in the last bench and also give her son papdi.
Then suddenly Natamai background music (If any one can send me this, I would appreciate it.) starts and Natamai Syam enters the room followed by Bharani carrying the umbrella and Arun carrying the beetle leaves box. Meanwhile Prithz who was sitting in the first row so long, suddenly got up and came to the last row. BSK goes and shoo's her telling her that she cant sit there. Prithz argues for some time and this comes to the attention of Natamai. So he goes near them and asks what the problem is, when he is about to let Prithz to sit where she wants, BSK places a bottle of Bacardi in Natamai's hand, after which Natamai changes his decision makes Prithz go and sit in the first row. Prithz goes and sits in the first row grumbling about how biased Natamai is.
M.Karthikeyan, the Principal of Blogging School enters the room with some teachers. He walks up the podium and greets the students. Prithz immediately goes to him and complains about what happened in the class. Karthikeyan immediately punishes Natamai, BSK, Bharani and Arun telling them they need to post a 100 words post everyday for the next 20 days.
Just then Ponnarasi excuses herself to enter the classroom. Karthikeyan questions her why she was late. For which she replied "There was huge queue for the tickets and by the time I got one, I was late and so I came running all the way from Mylapore." Karthikeyan was astonished hearing this, so he asked her in exclamation "You ran all the way here from Mylapore?Wow!! How could you do that?" he asked.
For which she replied "I got on to the train and ran inside the train until I reached here."
The whole class burst into a laughter and Karthikeyan was totally snubbed and so he told Ponnarasi to go and sit in the class.
Karthikeyan says "Ok folks, now its time to introduce you to our special guests who will give tips on how to write blogs in their own special ways. To start with I would like to call G3 to tell us about her speciality."
Arun whispers to Bharani "Hahaha, is she going to tell us how to put some mokka posts??"
Natamai tells to Arun "No she might tell something about how to write about food and how to find people for treats."
Bharani replies to Natamai "No thalaiva, she might tells us about how to write love poems and fool people saying its for a friend"
"Hahahahaha" laughed all three.
As expected G3 gave the class some gyan on how to write a post when you don't have anything to write about.
Karthikeyan comes back on the podium and says "Before the next guest comes and talks lets see some of your posts and analyze how it can be improved."
"Harish why don't you tell us about your post" asked G3.
Harish said "I wrote this post where I wrote a story in which there was an old man who stayed alone in a village in the middle of the forest and few animals were heading to his house and..."
"and what happened" asked G3
"Then I had a power cut so could'nt write more" said Harish
Everyone laughed out loud again.

The class will Continue...