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Friday, March 30, 2007

Main hoon na...

Who is a show stealer? And where can they be easily found? I am sure most of you would have come across show steelers during your life some where or the other. One of the most common place where you can find these show steelers are in a meeting room. There is no other entertaining place in this World like a meeting room.
It is so funny to see different people trying different ways to be a show stealer, especially if the meeting is being organized by someone who is very important, like your boss or someone who has the ability to do a remarkable change to your life in some way or the other.
The leaders of show stealer are the Mr/Ms. KnowItAlls. These are people whom you can find in most of the meetings. These are people who think and try to show to the World that they know just about every thing under the sun and there is nothing in this World that they have not come across. Only if they come to know that others are listening and no one knows anything about what they are talking they immediately shift to the top gear and become so pompous that you can hardly stand them anymore. I feel like putting a cork in their mouth and shutting them.
Then there are Mr/Ms Disconnected who start talking something that is totally not connected to the topic that is being discussed. This includes people who go beating around the bush and finally when you think about what they said, he would not have said anything sensible at all. In one of my recent meeting one guy spoke for about 2-3 mins and suddenly finished. I was thinking to myself, so what is he trying to say here?? Only thing I could think of is, just to make his presence in the meeting he just spoke.
Then are another kind of people who try to make their presence in the meeting. They are slightly different from the previous category of people. These kind of people mostly oppose to anything that is being suggested by the meeting chairman. By revolting they pull everyone's focus on them. Again in my recent meeting, a suggestion of having a technical lead along with a Project manager was suggested for each project. So Mr.Revolt immediately asked how will just one person suffice for a team and they need to have a technical person for every 2 people or something. Hearing this I felt like laughing out loud, if the technical person is the one who is going to tell us how to code then why would the company need programmers they would rather have typists who will type what the technical person tells.
Then there are these Mr/Ms CloseProximity. These are people who always see to that they are seated at a close proximity to the meeting chairman or at least in the line of vision of the meeting chairman. These people may not make their presence by talking but they see to that they get noticed by the meeting chairman. They mostly try to display a very positive body language by nodding their head etc. If you ask them anything after the meeting, mostly they wont know what was told in the meeting and they would crib to you telling how bad the meeting was. If only they used their acting skills in some cinema they could have won some oscars.
Then there are another set of people, Mr/Ms BackBenchers, who do not care what is happening in the meeting. They just observe what different people do during the meeting and have fun at their expense. They generally try to sit as far as possible from the meeting chairman. They generally have the typical back bencher attitude waiting for the meeting to either end or serve food. Well I don't think I need to say in which category I fall, do I?


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hazardous Post!!!

Well true to the adage, An idle mind is a devil's workshop, Now my slowly becoming idle blog has become a devil's workshop. This a very different post in my blog. Go through this post at your own risk. Suddenly I am developing an interest to sing. As my blog name suggests, this blog is about my brain waves. So I decided to record a couple of songs which I sang. I am no where close to a trained singer, so hear me singing at your own risk.

Thanks to Gils for the Mozhi song lyrics. It was his lyrics that instigated me to try singing. So he is kind of a partner in crime.


Thanks to G3 for all the support and encouragement rendered by telling I sang the Mozhi song well and suggesting some prospective songs that I can try and also by providing the lyrics for the song (Raja Raja Chozhan from Rettai vaal kuruvi) that I decided to sing.


Another special thanks to my online singing teacher Prithz. For helping me improve my singing by giving some valuable suggestions and teaching me some nuances of singing.

Feel free to throw stones and rotten tomatoes but at the same time take care of your computer screen (I am safe behind it :D )


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gud ol' days

Ramya's tag reminded me of my college days. To me college days were one of the best times in my life. I feel I was fortunate to get a chance to stay at hostel. But this post is strictly only about college.
When I talk about college then I should also mention about Kadalai (Peanut) and Pongal (Food). For people who dont know about these, well Kadalai is when people of different gender talk to each other and Pongal is when same gender talk to each other. I am not sure about other places but Tamil Nadu makes it a big issue when a guy and girl talk to each other. So Kadalai is one of the hot things during a students life.
Though many people (including me) had fun by Kadalafying happily in the corridor, stairs, classroom, canteen and every other place in college. It was equally fun to play some pranks on people who were busy talking and disturb them. Some of the pranks that I can recollect now are
1. When a guy and a girl are talking we guys go and talk to each other saying there is too much smoke around.
2. An improvement on the above idea was to hold our nose and trying to clear the air and saying its too much of smoke, smells like some thing is getting burnt.
3. Another improvisation of this Idea is, switching on the fan for the guy and girl saying we wanted to clear the smoke in that place.
4. A very good idea was to run with a glass of water and give the guy and the girl. Because after talking for so long they might feel thirsty, social service.
5. One of my favorite idea was to run all the way to the guy and gal talking, and show them a cone made out of paper and as them if they could share some kadalai (peanut).
6. The best idea we had during our college days was when a guy and a girl are talking form a group of say 4-5 guys and go sit in the next table facing the guy and the girl. After getting seated place a hand on the table and rest your chin on your hand and keep looking at them. I have never seen this idea fail, always the guy and girl used to move out of that place.
Well other than disturbing people talking, there were also instances where crazy things were done just for the sake of bet.
1. Went around telling people to smile and took a photo of them using a paper camera. I got a egg puff and a cool drink for it.
2. A cocktail of coke and coffee and won a cool drink.
3. Drinking a full bottle of Pepsi at a stretch to win another bottle of Pepsi.
Class room was another great place. Whenever a lecturer gives us a problem to solve and goes around the class to see if everyone is doing it, I used to type 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 + 0,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then "=" in my calculator. By then the lecturer would have crossed us and also by then some studious guy would have solved it and will be shouting the answer on top of his voice, immediately we also used to shout the same answer and escape from solving the problem.
Once for some lecture, we had to refer to a data book for solving a problem, my friend and I did not have the data book. So we wrote "Data Book" on the desk and when ever the lecturer tells us to look at the data book we used look at the word "Data Book" that we wrote on the desk. Well we escaped without getting caught as we sat on the 4th row that day. The lecturer saw only the first and last row people.
Other than this we had our chances to make our lecturers cry on few instances and eating when the class was going, reading news paper and magazines during class.
I don't think a masters program or job will be as good as a bachelors degree program. I think we become more mature by the time we pass out from the bachelors degree. Any day I would say that my college days are the most memorable ones. This post is more of a reminder where I have jotted down things which will rejuvenate my college days whenever I want to.

How do you feel about your college days, when you think of it now?


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Always with you

Ram is suddenly woken up by the announcement from the plane captain "Welcome to San Jose. The local time is 13:30hrs and its a pleasant day with temperature 30F. Thank you for using Singapore airlines. We appreciate your business. Hope to see you soon. Have a great day."
"Wake up Ram, its time to get off the plane" says Ram's mom, Nirmala.
"Yeah mom, I woke up. Let every one get down I will go last"
Ram gets up from his seat and takes his hand luggage and walks slowly through the aisle and gets off the plane. After coming out of the plane Ram looks around to find where he can collect his checked baggages.
"Ram see everyone who traveled with us are going that side, I think the carousel should be on that side only."
Ram walks towards that side and finally finds the carousel on the other end of the hall way.
"Watch out for the baggages that has a yellow bow tied to the handle" says Ram's mom.
Ram spots the baggages easily because of the yellow bows that were tied to his baggages. He feels happy that his mom had come up with such a good idea.
He then searches for the person who was supposed to receive him at the airport, but never finds him.
"Ram why dont you try calling him on his cellphone?" says his mom.
Ram calls that person to only find that he wont be able to come and so Ram will have to take a cab on his own and go to the hotel.
Ram reaches the hotel and was amazed to find that his hotel room had a small kitchen. He takes a small nap.
After some time he hears his mother saying "Wake up Ram, go to the nearest grocer and buy some basic things to cook breakfast tomorrow."
Ram gets up from his bed and freshens himself and goes in search of the nearest groceries store. He gets a tray of egg, a can of milk, Nescafe instant coffee and a loaf of bread. He also got a few cans of coke, which he thought he can drink while watching TV.
Once he reached his room, he was keeping the groceries in the shelf and refrigerator. Suddenly he hears his mom yelling at him "I told you not to drink aerated drinks, why did you buy coke? you could have bought some fruit juice."
Ram quietly switched on the TV and started watching a basketball match between Lakers and Bulls.
While watching TV he falls asleep.
Suddenly in the morning, the phone in his room rings, thanks to the wake up call that he had booked at the reception when he went to the groceries shop.
He gets ready in a hurry. He then runs around searching for some thing.
His mother asks "What are you searching so frantically? If its your watch, its in the draw next to the bed."
Ram was relieved, when he was all set to go, he heard his mom "Have your breakfast and coffee and then go".
Ram later reaches his first day work at the client location. He is received by his manager and was shown around the office. He was later introduced to his client manager. After the meet he was free. His manager gave his mobile and asked Ram if wanted to call home. Ram said ok and he dialed the number. The phone rings and after about four rings he hears "Hello, who is this?"
For which Ram says "Hello, this is Ram."
"How are you Ram, How was your journey?"
"I am fine amma, the journey was comfortable, but I miss you a lot amma. I feel as if you are with me every now and then." and the conversation continues...

However far our life takes us from our Mother, more closer she remains...

Happy Women's day to all the women out there...